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Carlson, Cindy
Coronado, Ray
Graduation Requirement

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Students need to pass 20 credits of Mathematics (including 10 credits of Algebra 1 or Math I) to graduate. Four math courses are offered at CCHS:
Integrated Math I: Students in Secondary Mathematics I will deepen and extend understanding of linear relationships, in part by contrasting them with exponential phenomenon, and in part by applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend. Students will use properties and theorems involving congruent figures to deepen and extend understanding of geometric knowledge. Algebraic
and geometric ideas are tied together. Students will experience mathematics as a coherent, useful,
and logical subject that makes use of their ability to make sense of problem situations.
Integrated Math II: Students in Secondary Integrate Math II will focus on quadriatic expressions, equations, and functions, extend the set of rational numbers to the set of complex numbers, link probability and data through conditional probability and counting methods, study similarity and right triangle trigonometry, and study circles with their quadriatic algebraic representations.
Applications of Mathematics: Applications of Mathematics is an integrated math course that brings together real life applications and mathematics. Intended to be a culminating math experience, lessons integrate number sense, number relationships, algebraic methods, statistics, probability, and geometry. Skills are applied in problem solving situations.
Consumer Math: Consumer Math is an introduction to the many ways in which math can be used in everyday life. The course gives practical advice on how to handle situations that involve money and math principles. Consumer Math focuses on the basic skills and methods of arithmetic and provides students the opportunity to develop experience with algebraic techniques of evaluating variables and equations, including geometric formulas and interest equations. Students will also be introduced to topics in statistics.