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Mikalatos, Lynn
Graduation Requirements

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Students must earn 20 credits in science to graduate from CCHS. Both Earth Science and Biology are taught at CCHS.
Earth Science: This course provides students with a good fundamental understanding of the physical processes that shape the earth and the universe in which our planet exists. Topics include
Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Oceanography and Physics. Students will experience Earth Science through a variety of activities including the text and supplementary materials, film, news reports, and lab experiments. Lab activities will reinforce Physical Science concepts while teaching scientific methodology. This course will help students understand basic Physical Science concepts as they relate to the world in which they live.
Biology: This course provides a basic understanding of Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Evolution, Anatomy, and Physiology using a Cell Theory approach. Students will experience Biology through a variety of activities including use of the text and supplementary materials, film, news reports and
lab activities. Lab activities will reinforce biological concepts while teaching scientific methodology.
This course will help students understand basic biological concepts.