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Social Science

Poe, Adam
Seo, Antony
Graduation Requirements

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Students need to meet the following Social Science requirements to graduate.
  • American Government/Economics - 10 credits
  • U.S. History - 10 credits
  • World History - 10 credits
World History: This course examines the major turning points in the shaping of the modern world from the late 18th century to the present. The study of current world issues, their origins, and the growing interdependence of people and cultures throughout the world are a primary focus. Students
will use primary and secondary sources to research specific topics and will complete a variety of assignments during the course. Upon completion of this course students will be better equipped to critically view current world issues and be active citizens in a democratic society.
US History: This course is designed to fulfill the graduation requirement for one year of U.S. History. The course begins with a review of the development of our country. It gives the students an overview of the major events of the 20th century from the reconstruction era to the present. The lessons are
modified to meet the academic level of students with learning difficulties to high achieving students
who need a more challenging program.
American Government: This course is designed to give the students a comprehensive overview of the make-up of our local, state, and federal governments. The course is designed to allow completion in 2 quarters. Lessons have been modified to accommodate the academic levels of each student.
Economics: This course is designed to focus on the growth,development, and progress of the American economy. The major emphasis of the course will center on the process by which economic forces operate in our economy. The major essentials of economic principles are studied in a context of the facts of current economic life. This course fulfills the one semester graduation requirement for Economics.
Above the Minimum

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Above the Minimum is a program run in partnership with Woodland’s chamber of commerce, the intent being exposure to opportunities outside and beyond high school for our student population.  The goal of the program is to have students thinking about employment opportunities that pay more than minimum wage.  The jobs that are profiled usually do not require a substantial post-high school investment of time and/or money in order to be achievable.  Past speakers have included Wells Fargo, Las Brasas, Cabinet makers, state lobbyist, etc.  Liaisons for this program are chamber member George Rowland and CCHS instructor Tony Seto.