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From the Nurse's Office

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If student should become ill during the day, they need to get a pass from their teacher and report to the nurse’s office. She can assess the situation and make the necessary arrangement for the student to either stay at school or go home. When the nurse is not available students are to come to the main office.

During the course of the school year, students will receive information regarding HIV/AIDS prevention.  This may be done as part of the curriculum in the Health, Science, or Parenting/Child Development classes.  Cache Creek High School also has a collaboration with Communicare's Teen Clinic Services.  Health educators from Teen Clinic may come to CCHS at different times during the school year to present information on HIV and AIDS prevention.  These classroom presentations may be open to any students wishing to attend. Teen Clinic is on campus one day a week.  Sign up in the front office if you would like to be seen.
Nurse is on campus Tuesday and Thursday.