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Present - Tardy Procedures

Tardy Procedures

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There are no passing periods at CCHS. Students move directly from class to class immediately when the bell rings. Punctuality is a trait valued by schools and the workplace alike. 
Students that are not in their assigned 1st Period classroom and prepared for class before the tardy bell rings at 8:55 are late. All students who arrive after the 1st period tardy bell, regardless of when they arrive throughout the day, must go to the front office and sign in before going to class.
The following are interventions for chronic tardiness:
  • 3rd Tardy – warning from Adviser
  • 4th Tardy – placed on “No Pass List”
  • 7th Tardy – Detention, parent notification
  • 10th Tardy – Truancy Conference, referral to Student Attendance Review Board