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Productive - Earning Credits

CCHS Credit System

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Students come to CCHS in order to graduate from high school. In order to make that happen, students need to earn credits to meet the graduation requirements noted above. Credit is earned on a variable credit system, which means students take specific classes for as long as necessary to earn the credit they need for that specific class. While grades are issued on report cards, it is the credits earned by a student that is most important. During the course of a quarter (approximately 9-10 weeks), students have sufficient time to earn at least 20 credits.

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Part of our program is helping students learn how to be self-directed, becoming advocates for their own learning. While at CCHS students may choose to earn credits in several ways to meet their graduation requirements.  Depending on the course, a student may earn credits through a traditional teacher led classroom, an online learning platform, Odysseyware (OW), or a blend of both. OW courses are online high school courses that are an approved alternative to a traditional classroom. Students still go to a specific class, but they may be enrolled in one or more OW courses and progress at their own pace. A schedule change may be required if a student doesn’t show progress in OW.
Earning Credits

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The expectation is that all CCHS students earn at least 20 credits per quarter. Credits are awarded by the teacher and may be based on points, assignment completion, or a combination of both. In general, 60 points equals one credit, and students who are present, positive, productive, and reflective should earn at least ½ credit per class each week. At the discretion of the teacher and as appropriate, students may also earn credits by passing Odysseyware unit exams.  
Other opportunities to Earn Credits - See counselor for details.

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Physical Education: Students may choose to earn PE credits by taking an OW Physical Education Course. Students who belong to a gym may be able to earn credits for working out at a gym. Students complete a form and attach an electronic log of their work. Every 15-workout hours equals one credit. Alternatively, students may petition to use other options for PE credits. (e.g. Using the Fitbit wristband to count and log steps.)
Community Service: Students who have pre-approved community service opportunities may earn elective credits for their community service work. Every 15-community service hours equals one credit.
Work Experience: Students who have completed paperwork and are approved for Work Experience may earn elective credits while on the job. Every 36 hours of Work Experience equals on credit.