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Student Safety

Feeling safe at school is the highest priority at CCHS. It is a violation of Ed Code, district, and school policy for a student to bully, harass, or intimidate another student or exhibit behaviors that infringe upon the safety or emotional well-being of any student; including acts of bullying, intimidation or harassment through words and actions. School personnel who witness any act of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying shall take immediate action to intervene (Education Code section 234.1(b)(1)).
  • Reasonable fear of harm to person or property.
  • Substantially detrimental effect on physical or mental health.
  • Substantial interference with academic performance.
  • Substantial interference with the ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities, or privileges.
  • Bullying shall also include any act of:  sexual harassment, hate violence or harassment, threat or intimidation as defined in Education Code 48900.2, 48900.3, and 48900.4 and that has any of the effects described above.
It is important to distinguish between rude, mean, and bullying
  • Rude: Inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else
  • Mean: Purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone once or twice.
  • Bullying: Intentional aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power.
Note:Students engaged in rude/mean social media "back-and-forth" does not equal cyberbullying. There must be an imbalance of power.
If a student feels they are being bullied, or their parents feel their child is being bullied, they must inform the school immediately. When administration learns of suspected bullying, a statement and any evidence of a bullying will be necessary to start an investigation. After review of the available evidence, administration will determine if the actions meet the Ed Code definitions of bullying. If bullying is identified, a Student Bully Intervention Plan will be created for both the victim and the aggressor. Staff will meet with the aggressor separately to outline the consequences of further bullying.
  • Fearing gang disruptions at school or anticipating violence from known gang members enrolled at school.
  • Receiving specific threats or being harassed by gang members who stake out territory on campus
  • Facing peer pressure to join a gang.
  • Being mistaken as a gang member during school.
  • Feeling threatened by school/neighborhood graffiti displaying gang territorial claims.
  • Perceiving an increased presence at school of firearms and other weapons related to gang activity.
As far as the law is concerned, bullying and intimidation create a hostile education environment that requires administration to take action. This can include nonverbal posturing, making gang signs, leering, staring, stalking, destroying property, insulting or threatening social media posts or notes, using graffiti or graphic images, or exhibiting inappropriate and/or threatening gestures or actions. Behavior identified by administration as bullying or intimidation will be handled as identified in the CCHS Handbook, WJUSD board policy, and CA Education Code, and may require suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion. Displays or actions which can be seen as gang affiliations are prohibited and will lead to disciplinary action under education code, including Ed Code 48900.4:
…a pupil enrolled in any of grades 4 to 12, inclusive, may be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion if the superintendent or the principal of the school in which the pupil is enrolled determines that the pupil has intentionally engaged in harassment, threats, or intimidation, directed against school district  personnel or pupils, that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to have the actual and reasonably expected effect of materially disrupting classwork, creating substantial disorder, and invading the rights of either school personnel or pupils by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment.
Dress Code
All students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for school. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times, and should not expose a student's chest or stomach. Clothing that is sheer, revealing, or resembles an undergarment should not be worn to school. Pants and shorts must cover undergarments at all times. NO clothing that references sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weapons will be allowed. Students will wear appropriate clothing.
Gang related apparel is not permitted and may not be worn or displayed. Students known to be affiliated with a gang, acting in a manner that supports an affiliation with a gang, or attempting to display, support, or acknowledge a gang affiliation will be placed on "NO-RED/NO-BLUE" contract, which prohibits wearing ANY red or blue apparel.  Determination is at the discretion of the principal. This applies to shirts, pants, shoes, shoelaces, hats, belts and/or any other item that can be deemed to be gang related. Any apparel, jewelry, accessory, school materials or manner of grooming denoting membership in a gang is prohibited (CA Ed. Code §35183). Tattoos that are obviously gang related, such as the name of a gang, gang language, or reference to a gang are forbidden, and will have to be covered while at school.
For student safety, the principal may determine that all students must adhere to the NO RED/NO BLUE policy. At the start of the school year and until further notice is given by the principal, students must adhere to the NO RED/NO BLUE policy. CCHS discourages any clothing that is predominantly red or blue on campus, or at any school events off campus. The principal has the authority to determine if a garment is inappropriate, and, if so, may direct a student to change that garment.
Dress Code Violation
Students who are not appropriately dressed for school will be given an opportunity to call home for a change of clothing. When possible loaner shirts may be available in the office for the day. If we are unable to reach a parent or guardian the student will remain in the office for the day or in the Student Support Center. Please take care to see that your student is appropriately dressed when they leave for school. Individual students who do not follow the direction of the principal in this matter will be put on the NO-RED/NO-BLUE list. Students who continue to display red or blue, will be suspended for intimidation, harassment, and defiance. (EC 48900.4 and EC 48900k)