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Accelerated Reader Program

Students may earn up to 25 elective credits (1,500 points) through reading library books that are labeled "Accelerated Reader".  15 credits can be earned through reading fiction books.  The remaining 10 credits can be earned through reading nonfiction and biography books.  Follow these steps to begin earning points now:

  • Choose an Accelerated Reader book within your reading level range.
  • Read your book cover-to-cover.
  • Return your book and take the Accelerated Reader quiz using a library computer.
  • Answer questions about the book.  Each question will have four possible answers to choose from.
  • A passing score will result in the student earning the full number of points for their book.

NOTE: There are no retakes on quizzes.  Please take your book's quiz soon after you've finished reading.  Elective points earned through the Accelerated Reader program are submitted to the counselor at the end of each quarter.  For more information about the Accelerated Reader program, please see Ms. Garcia.