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Frequently Asked Questions

How many library books may I check out at one time?

One book may be checked out at a time with the following exceptions:

  • Students may check out an additional book(s) during winter and spring break.
  • Students may check out an additional book(s) if needed for a class research project.
These exceptions will be made for students who do not have outstanding library bills.

How long may I check out a library book?

Two weeks.  Please see Mrs. Jones if you need to renew your library book after the two weeks are up.  You are not required to have your book with you when renewing.

What if I need to return my library book, but the library is closed?

Please leave your library book with a CCHS office staff member.

What happens if I do not return my library book?

You will receive a bill for the replacement price of the book.  Students with outstanding bills do not receive their diplomas until the bill is paid or the library book is returned.  Transcripts may also be withheld until a library bill has been cleared.

May I take an Accelerated Reader quiz if I have not returned my library book?

No, you must first return your book.

If I fail an Accelerated Reader quiz, may I take the quiz again?

No.  Reading the entire book in a timely manner usually results in a passing score.

If you need help or have additional questions, please see Ms. Garcia in the library or telephone 530-406-2686.